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Types Of Trails

Rhino & Quad on Trail    DSC_0695

ATV and Dirt Bike Trails

Trails are open to everyone

ATV’s, 3-Wheelers, Dirt Bikes, UTV’s, snowmobiles, horses, mountain bikes and hikers



Trails are all 1-way travel with 2-skill levels – Intermediate & Advanced totaling over 41 miles of technical & challenging forest trails.  Trails are very well marked with color coded arrows so there is no need to use a map to know where to go.  Trail signage will even give you a shortcut back to your vehicle.


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Adult Motocross:

Adult Motocross is challenging for practice or just for fun. It is about 1-mile long with several tabletops, singles and doubles. This track was designed for safety. ATV’s and dirt bikes are both welcome to use the motocross track.





DSC_0283Peewee Motocross:

The Peewee Motocross is located at the trailhead for easy supervision by parents.  It is small but the little ones love it. They keep going & going, just like energizer bunnies! On this MX, it teaches them skills that they will need when they are ready for the trails.





Single Track for Dirt Bikes:

Majestic offers approximately 7-miles of Single Track  for Dirt Bikes ONLY.  These trails meander through the woods  offering a new challenge to dirt bike enthusiasts.  Single track is only wide enough for Dirt Bikes. These trails are are very technical with off cambers, roots, & rocks with aggressive elevation changes that are designed to push the limits of the rider and  their dirt bike.




Trail Grooming:DSC_0026

Trails are Groomed on a regular basis.  Upkeep of the trails and  erosion controls provides the ultimate riding experience.

By following the trail signage and rules, riders can help keep the trails in compliance with the erosion regulations.

Riders can help prevent ruts by NOT riding in the same path as the one in front of you (especially freshly groomed trails). Try to straddle tracks when possible.