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#1Helmet must be worn by “all” whenever you are on your machine.  Helmet must also be buckled while on trails.  Helmet will NOT help protect your head if not buckled.  PLEASE, even when Loading & Un-Loading.

#2Proper riding apparel for children (required for under 16): Helmet & Long pants required, above ankle boots recommended (NO flip flops or sandals), Eye protection required, Gloves recommended.

#3Go SLOW in camping area AND at the trailheadNO spinning, doing donuts or wheelies in these areas.  We would like to keep our grass & gravel where it is!  This is to protect children, pets and other people using the facilities. Please use common courtesy and respect!

#4Stay on marked trails.  (If there is no arrow, do not ride on it)  If you are found riding on non-designated areas, you could be fined and may be asked to leave and NOT come back. (No refunds will be given)

#5Stay OFF all the GRASS  (No riding on ANY grass other than to & from your parking spot or camp site). Do not spin, popping clutch etc. tearing up the grass.

#6Garbage“Bring-it-in/Bring-it-out”PLEASE DO NOT LITTER! (This includes the trails, trailhead & camping areas)

#7NO Alcoholic Beverage BEFORE or DURING riding.  You either ride OR drink, NOT both!  We reserve the right to check coolers/tool boxes/carriers.  Any alcohol found while riding will be confiscated or you will be escorted back to your vehicle.  You can drink at your camp site as long as it is done responsibly and after riding.

#8No double riding on sport quads or sport utility quads – Never more than 2-riders on a larger 4×4.

#9Riding Hours:  9:00 am – 9:00 pm – You must be off the trails by 9:00 pm.


  • Quiet time is 11:00 pm – 9:00 am.  (All generators, quads, bikes and radios are to be shut off during those hours)
  • Do NOT put cans, bottles or garbage in the Campfire rings.
  • DO NOT move Fire Rings!
  • All Coolers & Food are to be put away/under cover at night AND when you are not at your site.
  • No unattended fires at your campsite (extinguish before leaving).

~Deliberate disregard of rules will cause you to be fined &/or expelled from the park~

~ Your help in enforcing these rules is Very Much Appreciated ~