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Trail Signage

Please note that trail maps are NOT necessary to find your way around the trails as they are all very WELL marked with arrows. Maps are NOT provided but if you want one, you can print one and bring with you – Print Trail Map

Trails are well marked with Green, Blue, Black, Pink, and Orange arrows. Each color represents different skill levels, see below:

Green = the easier Loop

Blue = the more advanced Loop

Black = the most difficult (hill climb area)

Pink = arrows along the trail designates the “Easy Back” or shortcut back to the trail-head

Orange = the single bike track (dirt bikes only)

No map is necessary on this trail system as it is very well marked – just follow the arrows. There are maps posted along the trail system for you to look at and as a “Way Point.” Alert signage is in place to warn riders of upcoming obstacles such as “steep hills” or “bumps.”

We also have marked Sections A-J with corresponding numbers along the trail for way points/identification.  If you need help while on trail, all you have to do is call us with the closest section and number so we can find you faster.



Note: Help is available for Disabled machines if broken down on the trails. Tipping the person is most appreciated. Just call the office. Phone #’s are available upon check in.