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Click for full size image Camping at Majestic Trails is “Wilderness Style”Meaning that there are no facilities.

(No Showers, No drinking water, No hookups, No dump station, No electric) Port-a-Pots or out houses are provided. Non-Potable water may be available in a water buffalo for washing up. This water is for Non-Potable purposes ONLY.  NOT to be used for drinking, cooking, dish washing, showering or Oral Hygiene. You must bring your own water for this.

No Garbage receptacle on site. You Must take your own garbage out. (Bring it in – Bring it out)

Please be prepared and bring your own garbage bags. If you want to sort your cans (no glass or plastic), you can leave them in a bag and we will recycle them.  We donate the cans to the local SPCA.



 We have room for Motor Homes, Campers, Toy Haulers and Tents.

Most campsites are Batch Style





DSC_0191Pets are Welcome!DSC_0336

Pets are part of your family and we know that they like to go camping too.

Dogs are welcome to roam free with supervision. Most get along well with others if they have been properly trained for socialization.

If you have an aggressive dog, he must be tethered when at your site, and contained when you are not at your site. If they like the water, we have a large pond for them to play in.




DSC_0141 DSC_0214 Pond in Campground

The Pond is available for you to enjoy.  Swimming, boating and fishing (catch & release).

A canoe and flat bottom boat are provided for your enjoyment.

Children must be supervised at all time.  Fishing is catch & release with barb-less hooks.


DO NOT bring your own firewood! You can purchase firewood here (PA hardwood).
Full load Cost = $20 and usually enough for 2-nights
     1/2 load Cost =  $10 and is usually enough for 1-night


 If you Want to Camp……..

During Regular Season ~ April – November :

No need to make reservations unless it is a Holiday weekend.
Please arrive PRIOR to 9:00 pm . After 9:00 pm arrival: You will have to wait until the next morning to get signed in PRIOR to riding. No firewood delivery after 9 pm

Friday: Go Direct to Campground
Saturday & Sunday (before 3:00 pm): Go Direct to Trailhead to sign in.  After 3:00 pm, go direct to campground.
Monday-Thursday: Go Direct to Campground. Non-members (M-T) must call at least one day in advance to let us know you are coming + call us once you are in Bradford.
1st timers, please note directions to the camping area on top of the Directions page.

Bear #5

Protect your food – DO NOT FEED the Bears!

Coolers & food must be put away at night and when you are not at your camp site. Coolers & food must be kept in your truck, trailer or tent to prevent the bears from eating your food. They travel often in the area in search of food. They have NOT been a problem yet and will NOT be a problem if they do not get your food. They are harmless and only looking for food. So PLEASE do not feed the bear.
Thank you for your cooperation!



Fire Rings and Picnic Tables

Fire Rings provided at each camp site.  DO NOT move Fire RingsDo NOT leave Garbage in the fire rings (meaning, no cans, no glass, no food,etc) “Bring-it-in, Bring-it-out”.

Some people think glass and cans will burn up, well most of it does NOT!  Please leave your Fire Ring clean for the next campers. THANK YOU!

Picnic Tables: Some sites also have picnic tables. (1st come, 1st serve )

Camp Site Fees: (Riding Fees are Additional)
Members: $10/night/site
Non-Members: $20/night/site

One Site consists of 4-Adults + Children or per camper

Each additional adult = $5/night

EXCEPTION:  Holiday Weekends (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day)

Members: $20/night/site

Non-members: $30/night/site

Annual Sites: Please call for more details

EXAMPLE OF CAMPING FEES: (Non-Holiday rates)

Example: 8-Adults + 4 Children = 2-sites = $40/night

Example: 2-Campers with 2-Adults per camper = 2-sites = $40/night


Example:  8-Adults + 4 Children = 2-sites = $20/night

Example: 2-Campers with 2-Adults per camper = 2-sites = $20/night